I hate my life can be a momentary experience or a longer stuck feeling.  It’s a feeling of rejection of self,  a feeling of limitation.  You do not like what’s happening in the moment, or you are focusing on everything you don’t like in the moment.

I hate my life is a feeling of powerlessness.  You are in a place of a victim-hood.

I hate my life

If you hate your life, the truth is the only person that can change your life, is you.  This is not meant as a judgment, I see this as a point of choice for  your “unstuck-ness” .  It may feel like nothing is changing, but if you keep taking action, no matter how small, in the direction of your dreams, you will be changing your life toward a direction you like and want.

You can move progressively from I hate my life, to my life is not so bad, to my life is okay, to I like my life, to finally, I love my life! Step by step.

Your focus has been on what’s not working and what’s not changing, and you may not see a way out.

Here are  some things that you can  start doing to change your attitude around your life:

1. Start using  your imagination! Start imagining, feeling, seeing , or sensing the life that you want.  See it or experience it  everyday.  Keep adding details of this vision until it’s vivid and real.  Then you will be moving more into the direction of having that reality.

2.  You can be grateful for what you do have in your life.  Spend time each evening thinking or listing out what you’re grateful for.  There is no great or small in gratitude. Some people like to start their day being grateful. You choose the best time for you.

3.  Start doing more of what you like doing in your  life, now! Create a list of things you like to do or are wanting to try, then start doing them.   Know your own greatness and live a great life that you love.

To know more on how to live a great life, I recommend you buy the  The Four Brothers DVD created by my good friends Robert and Terri TallTree.

4 Brothers DVD

This video will  help you understand the mysteries of life in nature and how they relate to you.  Nature is talking to you with the answers to your questions, are you listening?


To Your Highest Good,

Laura Meehan, MA

Integrative Counselor and Coach

Founder and Liberator of Allowyourlightoshine.com

Ambassador of Cure for Boredom on Howtoliveonpurpose.com