How Are Anger Management Techniques Related to Signs of Depression?

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One of the common signs of depression is anger.

Melissa usually calls it irritability. She is cranky all the time. She gets angry easily, over little things and latter wonders why she got so angry in the first place. Every little thing seems to bother her and she is quick to anger.

She may slam doors or cabinets, she may swear more and she lacks patience.

She sees everything in a negative light. She is critical and judgmental.


Anger is not good or bad.

What is important is what you do with it.

The bad part of anger is that it can destroy relationships and/or property.

The good part of anger is that it lets us know when one of our boundaries has been crossed

Anger is just energy. Its like the mercury in a thermometer of earlier days.

The mercury is just there until you check your temperature. The higher the temperature, the sicker you are.

Well the more angry you are, the higher the anger is on the “Thermometer”. The hotter your anger, the  more likely your brain is flooding and you are unable to find a win-win solution. At this point it is more like fight or flight reaction.

It usually takes the brain 20-30 minutes to return to normal.

It is important to take a break from the angry situation and return later. More on this on another post.

So another anger management technique is to catch your anger sooner and turn it around.

This involves understanding your cues and triggers.

More on this on a future post.

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