Have you ever sat in the room and felt uncomfortable?  Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was talking reasonably and  made sense but you didn’t believe them? Well you were responding to nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal Communication

Most of our communication is nonverbal communication.  It is said only about 7 -10% of our communication are the words that we speak.  The rest of our communication is non-verbal communication.  There are very many ways we communicate non verbally.

Some ways are body language.  Are we open, are we closed.  Are we moving forward or are we pulling back.

The tone of our voice.  Is it relaxed, is it strong and confident, is it high pitched and unsure, rising higher  at the end like asking a question when we are making a statement..

Our eyes, do we have good contact or no contact.

There are many ways we communicate non-verbally.  Also, each culture has their own nonverbal communication meanings.

Families, our own families have their own ways of communicating nonverbally.  You know that look your mother gives you that says- no! or I don’t approve.  That’s a nonverbal communication.

So nonverbal communication tells you:

How to approach someone, or avoid them.

To trust them or not trust them or

Whether someone heard you or not, are some examples.

We make a lot of assumptions about people, using nonverbal communication cues.  Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong.  Think about your own body language, what messages do you think you are sending?  Think about that, ask you friends, get some feedback.

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To Your Highest Good,

Laura Meehan, MA

Integrative Counselor and Coach

Founder and Liberator of Allowyourlightoshine.com

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