Do yo find yourself always focusing on others and no one seems to listen to you?

Have you ever been in a room and not find yourself? Or Do you find that when someone asks you what you think…. and you don’t know?

Do you notice you pick up on feelings of others?

These are a few signs of codependency to answer the question of what is codependency.

So what can you do about this? One strategy to do is:

1. Focus on yourself and define you boundary.

2.Imagine a bubble around yourself. I like to imagine that it is like a bubble  that is like” mirror sunglasses” , You can see out but everything can bounce off the mirror back to the sender. I also like to think it is “gas permeable” so you allow in what you DO want in. This helps when you feel negativity from others and not take it on from others.

More tools to come in the future.

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Laura Meehan