My life is average.  Is there a reward for this?  Yes.  The reward for my life is average is: Good job!  Well done!  Something is working for you  in your life.  So…  everything is not perfect. Nothing is permanently perfect. So… you’re not perfect.  No one is.  To say that my life is average says to me that you have a good foundation built.  You have income from your job and/or you have friends and family.  It says to me, also, that you want more.  Great!

What do you want more of?

blank vision board

More money?

More satisfaction?

More of a social life?

More freedom?

A better career?

A bigger family?

Pick the one area you want to focus on first.  Do some research in that area and create a plan.  A detailed plan.  As much as you can in small steps.  It’s like creating a recipe for that plan.  Create a vision board to  help you visually see that plan.

Then, start working on it.  Each day, make small steps.  Keep a record of what you’ve done so you can see you are making progress, and one day you will have what you wanted.  Then, you enjoy that  success!  When you feel ready or bored or restless, you create a new plan for something else, something new. This is life.

A great program to teach you how to listen to nature and figure out your next step AND be in alignment with yourself is to watch the  The Four Brothers DVDFour Brothers DVD This DVD was created by my good friends Robert and Terri  TallTree . This is a DVD with Robert and Terri talking about getting the answers to life that is all around you in nature. These teachings are based on Native American wisdom that will help you to discover what your purpose is and more.

To Your Highest Good,

Laura Meehan, MA

Integrative Counselor and Coach

Founder and Liberator of

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