Do you ever think, “My life is average?

Do you feel your life is boring and feel stuck in the “boring-ness” of it all? Do you feel you are just part of the pack?

My life is average

To tell you the truth, there are some areas of my life that are average, and I’m okay with that.
My car is average (and I can rely on it).

My height is average. My eyes are average.
So where are you average?
Is it every area of your life? I would say probably not.
So where do you not want to be average?
Would you like a more interesting life, more money, more joy, more passion?
Where would you like to be extraordinary?
I suggest you pick one to two areas to focus on at a time and put your attention to attaining more extraordinary things in your life.
Do you have extraordinary beliefs or goal for extraordinary experiences?


Here’s the SECRET: What you put your attention on will increase.
So why not put your attention on something extraordinary?… and stop thinking “My life is average.”
It’s important not focus on debt to increase prosperity. That will only increase more debt. What I’m saying is, if you want on prosperity think of areas you are already prosperous. If you want a more interesting life start doing more interesting activites.

I tried a lot of different dance classes before I found the one that made my heart soar. Not everything you are going to try is going to work out.

The important  point is that you took action to have a more interesting life.
If you want more joy, think of something that is joyous, be more joyous. Watch movies ot read stories that bring joy into your life. Connect with people that you feel joy with. Put more  focus around joy, put an effort into that. See how much joy you will experience.
Another way to be extraordinary is to take the 21 day “I AM a Gift to the World!” Challenge, I am a gift to the world.

21 Day I AM a Gift to the World Challenge