Having the attitude of  ”  My life is  good ” is  a matter of perspective.  It’s an attitude of my life is good and I am happy. I know that  life has its ups and downs. How we handle them is what  makes the difference.  You always have a choice: Do I focus on the negative ? or Do I focus on the good?

Life is good

The negative view is usually what’s happening in the moment or a small narrow focus.  Or we focus on the good, a larger focus. If you review your life from a higher perspective, you might notice  that everything works out, eventually. It may not work out the way you had planned, or in the time-line you wanted.

Think of an eagle who take a higher view and looks for food from a very high view. We also need to take a high view for our answers. I know when I take a higher perspective, I usually can see that  my life IS Good.

Trust in the process, and have the feeling “my life is good”.

So some steps to remember:

1.  It’s an attitude of seeing the good in everything or be willing to know that a good will present itself at some later date.

2.  Focus on the good or trusting in the good.

3.  For the not so good, find a solution and/or let it go. Do not beat yourself up about it!

4.  Look at your life from a higher or longer view, from a different perspective.

5.  Trust in the process. Know that there is a good for you, and you ought to have it.

To Your Highest Good,

Laura Meehan, MA

Integrative Counselor and Coach

Founder and Liberator of Allowyourlightoshine.com

Ambassador of Cure for Boredom on Howtoliveonpurpose.com

P.S. To gain clarity and focus in your life, and  help in knowing where you want to be going,

I recommend you get this program called:  The Journey (Babamadizwin), created by my good friends Robert and Terri TallTree.

This program gives light to your path based on Native American wisdom.

So I also  recommend  you start  seeing your good, and more good will come!