Who am I? This is a question we must all answer.

The answer is not our roles.  Who we is more than- I’m a mother;  I’m a father;  I’m a brother;  I’m a sister;  I’m a grandparent;  I am secretary;  I am a vice president,etc. — these are just hats we wear; these are just roles you have. So , Who am I ?

Who am I?

You are more than a  drop. You are part of something greater.

So, to answer this question you have to go deeper, dig down, deep down into who you really are.

So I ask you, who or what remembers your dreams?

Who answers our questions inside of our heart and our heads that we ask?

Where does joy come from?

Where does love come from?

Connect to  these parts of ourselves that never die inside of us. They are always there.  That’s really who you are.

So then I ask you this question, can this essence of who you really are be all good?, be loving?, answer all of our questions?

Can this essence of who we are manifest our thoughts into reality? I say, yes.  This is who we really are.

What gets in the way is our negative beliefs based on our  learning, history, society, parents, school, but that’s just what someone told you what they think reality is.  That’s not necessarily who we really are.

So, the important point is to learn to get past your limiting beliefs!  Mostly, you just have to stop believing in the little small parts of you or what other people told  you about you, and you decide what you want to believe about you and then believe it. This can take some time and practice.

21 Day" I AM a Gift to the World!" Challenge

To learn more about yourself, I suggest you take the 21-day”I AM a Gift to the World!” Challenge

This Challenge has many opportunities to learn about yourself.

So until next time, I wish you the very best.


To Your Highest Good,

Laura Meehan, MA

Integrative Counselor and Coach

Founder and Liberator of Allowyourlightoshine.com

Ambassador of Cure for Boredom on Howtoliveonpurpose.com