Prosperity Laws are more than the Law of Attraction.  Prosperity Laws encompass five universal laws.  Let me review these five universal laws.

Properity Laws1.  The Law of Cause and Effect: Every action has a cause and effect.  This is about karma. What you give out, is what you get back, eventually.  A favorite quote of mine is,”If something’s happening to you that you don’t like, stop doing it to others, by Jey Rinpoche (1357 – 1419).  This sums up the law of cause and effect beautifully and makes it immediate into your life.

2. The Law of Attraction: I attract to my life what I believe and feel to be true.  You know what you truly believe based on  the results you are seeing  in your life.  Our beliefs can be positive or negative, and you see those results in your life.

3.  The Law of Attention: Whatever you put your attention on will eventually manifest.  The more attention, the faster the results.

4. The Law of Reciprocity: This law is about giving to others first what we want for ourselves.  Example: If you want love, give love.  If you want money, give money away.  If you want peace, give peace.

5.  The Law of Mental Equivalence: We can manifest in our lives what we feel comfortable with.  What can you receive easily and naturally?  Is it $10,000?  20,000?  50,000?  100,000?  1M?  10M? 100M?  What’s your comfort zone?  That is what your mental equivalency is and that  is what you are going to attract  into your life.

These are some laws to manifest prosperity or whatever you want in your life.  May you live long and be prosperous.

To give to others, I recommend signing up for the 21 Day “I AM a Gift to the World!” Challenge, which was created by my good friends, Robert and Terri TallTree.

This is an opportunity to experience giving and to feel prosperous  from giving first.  I hope you do it.

To Your Highest Good,

Laura Meehan, MA

Integrative Counselor and Coach

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