Dear One,

Have you watched “The Secret” on DVD and felt excited  about the possibilities? Then later not see the results you had hoped for?  I know I have tried so many techniques and have not  gotten close to getting the results I had hoped for. I have had stacks of bills and behind on payments, and feeling worse about myself as each day passes.

Manifesting money is often an inside job. What I mean by this is that you often need to clear out old, limiting beliefs to make room for the money to come into your life. We have accumulated a lifetime of money memories that may be effecting our current money experiences.

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What are some of our beliefs that could be limiting our ability to manifest money?

1.Look at your results. Everything comes from you. Everything you believe is out-pictured in you life.

Look for areas you believe in lack:

Do you worry about parking places? That is lack thinking.

Do you focus more on that you can’t pay your bills ( lack thinking) or that you CAN pay your bills.?

Do your fantasize on buying things you can’t afford and tell yourself that you can’t afford what ever it is (lack thinking) or do you visualize having it?

Are you getting an idea of what I am talking about?

2. Look to how you talk to yourself (you know the stuff you say to yourself that you wouldn’t want anyone to know and you would never say to people you care about).

Are you kind or unkind?

Are generous and compassionate or stingy and mean?

Are you flexible and resourceful or rigid and empty?

How you talk to yourself get out-pictured to your life. What are you seeing in your life?

3.What do you really believe about money?

What were you told about money as a child that you may still be believing deep down inside yourself?

Take time to list what you have been told.

Well if you wrote some notes to yourself on what you are finding in your life and what you remember about your childhood on money you have a good place to start. You may ask:” start what?”

The answer:to start clearing your limiting beliefs. I know a great technique to clear limiting beliefs which i will be sharing more on in future posts. Be sure to sign up to be on my list so you don’t miss out!

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