This is a poem from: Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West
By Daniel Ladinsky ( Translator of The Gift)

This is an Inspirational Poem that talks about what to do when you see signs of stress.

Inspirational Poems and Signs of Stress

I Might Act Serious

If God  would stop telling jokes,

I might act


BY Tukaram (c.1608-16490

To me this talks about:

Seeing the humor all around you.

Stop taking your self so seriously.

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Laugh More.

Focus more on Being a Gift to the world.

Take the 21 Day “I AM a Gift to the World!” Challenge.21 Day "I AM a Gift to the World!" Challenge

This is a fun and creative and uplifting challenge that I believe you will enjoy.

Laugh more.

See more Gifts in your world!

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