Today, I want to talk some more about Emma’s teachings, and her second practice of spiritual science that has to do with  denials.  Emma Curtis Hopkins has us apply practices daily that are based in spiritual science or christian science. The beauty of Emma’s teachings is that you do not need to understand what she asks us to do, she just gives us practices and see what happens in your life.

Emma Curtis Hopkins, Inspirational Thoughts and Spiritual ScienceNow, her denials are pretty wild to believe in, but the thing about Emma’s teachings is that you don’t have to believe it.  You don’t even have to understand it.  You just have to be willing to do the process because this is Scientific Christian Mental Practice, so really it’s a spiritual science based on spiritual truths that Emma has developed and studied from many different cultures and  many spiritual paths.  The second practice is repeating denials. The basis of this practice  is that everything is  spirit.  So, the truth is in spirit, not in matter. She uses evil meaning any time we forget that we are Good or of spirit.

As an example, one  of the things that we’re rejecting is the feeling of the absence of good, but, since God is not absent and spirit is not absent, good must be here.  And so that’s what we’re affirming, our good, the truth behind the matter that we see.  So, lesson number two is that each day you repeat seven denials.

1.  There is no evil.

2.  There is no matter.

3.  There is no absence of life, substance, or intelligence.

4.  There is nothing to hate.

5.  There is no sin, sickness, or death.

6. ( Your misunderstanding that keeps coming up in your life .)

7. ( What ever is a problem now.)

Six and seven are your own personal denials, and so part of this  week is  to look at areas in your life where you see  repeating negative patterns and then create a denial for that. Some  examples:

-There is nothing wrong with me.

-There is no lack in me.

-There is no poverty or lack in spirit.

-I cannot be rejected in spirit.

-I cannot be betrayed.

It’s just a practice.  I just ask you to imagine trying to do denials each day,and  if anything comes up, deny that.  Now, I know that you’re going to say, well, but these things are happening in my life.  What we’re looking at is the spirit part of it. Next week we’ll be doing affirmations.  So, we’re not going to be staying in denials.   Write down any comments on this and let me know how you’re doing with your denials.  It’s kind of freeing to try and look beyond appearances into something greater, to your good, to spirit. This is  your practice this week.

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A great support to your spiritual practice is listening to calming music. I recommend: “Echoes of the Heart: A Sacred Journey.” This a beautiful and calming CD of Native American Flute Music recorded by Robert and Terri TallTree.    Echoes of the Heart CD by Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree

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