I know that you may have done many years of affirmations, taking prosperity classes, and thinking positively and not seeing the results you want.  And I know how frustrating that is. I have been there .

So. Prosperity LawsAre you seeing the Prosperity?

Prosperity Laws

What I want to talk about today is that the prosperity laws are true! The hardest part to – having prosperity, is having the feeling of prosperity and the belief in you having prosperity.

Not just wishing for it. So there are some secrets to having prosperity and really it involves a few things.

The first thing is that you really have to believe that prosperity is yours.  You have to have confidence in yourself and love for yourself and trust in something greater than yourself that wants you to have the abundance that is the only reality in spirit.

We have to create a bigger belief system that can incorporate the abundance that is yours.

And so there are a few techniques to help do that.

1. Is spending 10 minutes a day visualizing and actually feeling the things that you want in your life.That means sitting down, closing your eyes and actually seeing, hearing or experiencing this life that you want to be living as if you were living in now.

So you may see yourself driving a nice car.  You may see yourself at peace  about bills  and  sitting down and writing  checks with  no worries.

You may see yourself traveling.

You may see any number of things that are important that fulfill the vision of what prosperity and abundance mean to you.

We must do this everyday.

I did this for the apartment I was looking for a few years ago.  I wanted it on Beach front property.  I wanted it to have a huge kitchen.  I listed out all my details and visualized them every day.  When it was time for me to move, I found it.  It had a giant kitchen.  It had beach front property, and I couldn’t have been happier.

You just keep visualizing your prosperity  everyday.  AND You keep adding more detail to the visualizations, they become more and more real to you.   You continue to build your worthiness and trusting that this good is what you deserve.

2. The other thing is finding techniques to stop the limiting beliefs and thoughts.

Emotional freedom technique is a good one .This a technique that is based on tapping  meridian points on your body and focusing on what you do want. More information on EFT.

There is another technique I like, The  One Command, which is a beautiful technique that I will be talking about more in the future.

I also will have an eBook and recording that shows you how to use the technique, coming out soon.

Until then, I want to remind you about taking, the 21 Day” I Am a Gift to the World!” Challenge.

21 Day I AM a Gift to the World Challenge


This Challenge makes you feel Prosperous! As you do each of the steps of the challenge,  you start to see you  have so  much to give and that makes you feel rich too.

That’s part of the feeling that you want to have, as you build more  prosperity feelings , you bring more prosperity into your life.

So, until next time, be well.