Healthy living tips is not just about what you eat.   It’s more about a way of life. You can live your best and healthiest life.  Today’s healthy living tip is about practicing presence and having time alone.  Practicing presence is being aware of yourself and your surroundings in the moment. There’s a sense of timelessness and a sense of aliveness felt.

Healthy Living TipsSome simple ways to practice presence are:

1.  Take slow, deep breaths and feel your breath move in and out as your chest rises and falls.  Feel the warmth  of your breath as you breathe in through your nostrils.

2.  Take a walk in nature and smell the flowers.  Notice what’s growing, what’s in bloom, the colors, the smells, the sounds, the animals and bugs.  Notice the details around you.

3.  Touch your hands lightly and experience the energy around your hands.

4.  Become more in tune to your inner thoughts and feelings by spending time listening to your thoughts and feelings while  maintaining awareness of  being in your body.  It’s easier to practice presence and to pay attention if you are alone.  There are less distractions so you can really focus just on you and the moment.

I often feel most alive and most connected to myself and my environment when I am out in nature.  I seem to slow down and really breathe in the life that surrounds me.  Being  alone also helps you to really hear yourself, how you talk to  yourself, how you  feel and what your true dreams for yourself  are.

If I have a question I need answered, walking alone in nature is the best way for me to hear my answers.  I will set an intention for my walk with stating the question I want an answered to.  The answer will usually come to me, after I have let go of forcing an answer, that is.  Spending time alone in nature is a healing practice that I recommend you do daily, if you can.  This can help you be more in alignment with nature and yourself.

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Laura Meehan, MA

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