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Healthy Living Tips – Do I Have to Change My Diet?

May 7th, 2011

Healthy living tips is not just about what you eat.   It’s more about a way of life. You can live your best and healthiest life.  Today’s healthy living tip is about practicing presence and having time alone.  Practicing presence is being aware of yourself and your surroundings in the moment. There’s a sense of timelessness and a sense of aliveness felt. Some simple ways to practice presence are: 1.  Take slow, deep breaths and feel your breath move in and out as your chest rises and falls.  Feel the warmth  of your breath as you breathe in through your nostrils. 2.  Take... Read More

Can Healthy Living Tips Really Help Me?

April 17th, 2011

Where do you start when everything in your life feels unhealthy or broken?  Can it really make a difference at all to make a healthy change?  I believe healthy living tips can help you. All you can do is all you can do.  Choose one healthy living tip to focus on at a time.  Watch for the subtle changes in your life, your health, your body, your mind, your emotions but looking to see if it is changing you for the better. Focus on making changes that are small and easy at first so you can feel successful and build on that success. Start with five to ten minutes a day exercising, meditating,... Read More

How Can I Follow Healthy Living Tips?

March 1st, 2011

Following healthy living tips can be difficult and changing any habit can take time. We get in the way. We make it really big. We think all or nothing ways.  We think black and white. What gets in the way is our beliefs. There is a part of us that doesn’t want us to get better. This is often hidden sometimes deep inside of us. The best thing to do to follow healthy living tips is to really choose one thing you want to focus in on and make it small and obtainable. So as an example as a healthy living tip for me,  I wanted to start to meditate. And of course the teachers would say the best... Read More

What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

February 5th, 2011

Dear One, Have you ever  been told to focus on  feeling good about yourself when you are worried about paying the rent or how you can buy food for yourself ?  Maslow’s Hierachy of needs  is about  what motivates us. If you look at the base of the pyramid, the first priority is the physiology or the basic human needs of  the body- food, water and shelter. Until these needs are taken care of, it is very difficult to focus on self worth or self esteem. The next layer above physiology is: safety or security- employment, actual apartment or home,health and resources. Above safety and security... Read More

Do I Have Anxiety Symptoms?

January 28th, 2011

Hello Dear One, Have you ever asked yourself, ” Do I have anxiety symptoms?” Anxiety is common in the United States. We are over- stimulated all the time. The are lots of choices and lots technology and lots of responsibilities with not enough time to do them all. Here are some symptoms for anxiety: 1.Worry thoughts all the time. 2. You tend think the worst will happen. 3.It is hard to relax. You muscles are tight. 4. You have a lot of fears and they seem to be controlling your life. You may be afraid of making a mistake or looking foolish, being in social situations, of losing control,... Read More