Following healthy living tips can be difficult and changing any habit can take time.

We get in the way. We make it really big. We think all or nothing ways.  We think black and white.

Healthy Living Tips

What gets in the way is our beliefs. There is a part of us that doesn’t want us to get better. This is often hidden sometimes deep inside of us.

The best thing to do to follow healthy living tips is to really choose one thing you want to focus in on and make it small and obtainable.

So as an example as a healthy living tip for me,  I wanted to start to meditate. And of course the teachers would say the best time to meditate is at 4:00 in the morning and meditate for an hour. So there’s no way I could do that, but what I could do was meditate five minutes before I went to bed.

And  I did that for about  nine months or so, and then I gradually was able to go for longer and longer times. I also moved my meditation time from the end of my day to the beginning of my day. As I got better at it, I enjoyed it more. It was something that became important to me. It jumped up to 15 to 20 minutes. And now it’s been a 25 year practice and I now sit for an hour a day give or take a few minutes. Some days are better than others.

And that’s the way life is,  we just do the best we can.  We don’t beat ourselves up, and we avoid unrealistic expectations of our self.

So test this idea out,  figure out  what you would like to do differently. Choose something that you can actually fit into my life right now. Where and when can you do this? And just make it a simple routine.

It takes 30 to 40 days to make a something a habit. Try to do something new and healthy in the next 30 to 40 days and see what happens with that.

You can do this with making changes in the  food you eat. Instead of trying to change your whole diet the best thing to do is to add healthier foods,and/ or find substitutes that you like that are better for you.  Let’s say you want a chocolate sundae after dinner, maybe there is a bananas or some frozen yogurt you could eat instead.

We all have to find things that work for us. Ask for help. What are some other ideas that could help as a  substitute?

I do want to tell you I do have a list of healthy living tips.  Just sign up on my web site at for the free report of Healthy Living Tips!

My best suggestion for you is just pick one of those and incorporate that into your life. And then you pick another one. Before you know it in time you’ve made some big changes in your life.

I wish you a Healthy Life!!!.

To Your Highest Good,

Laura Meehan, MA

Integrative Counselor and Coach

Founder and Liberator of

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