Trying to hide your feelings is very difficult. The truth is, we  are always expressing  through Nonverbal communication. Some people can read nonverbal communication more easily than others.

Nonverbal CommunicationLet’s talk about trying to hide our crabbiness, another word for crabbiness is irritability. You may not be feeling satisfied or you may want things to be different.

Nonverbal communication of impatience and irritability can be shown in many ways:

Tapping fingers or objects

-Tapping your foot

A huff or a sigh

Rolling your eyes up

Looking at your watch or the clock

-Your voice may rise

-You may pace

You may cut people off in conversations or you cut cars off while driving.

These are just some possible examples of nonverbal communication. So it is very difficult to hide your true feelings from others. There are exceptions, but I’m focused here on most of the population.

So how do you try to hide your crabbiness or irritability?  If you don’t know, the people closest to you probably know.

The most important thing is to work on being congruent. Having your insides match your outsides. Find ways is to be more at peace with yourself and your world.

If this feels too difficult, I suggest you get a medical exam to rule out any medical cause and/or to get medical treatment. You could be  depressed and medication could really help you. Chronic irritability is a sign of depression.

Other things you can do is increase your exercise, increase relaxation activities.  Do you take time to relax by meditation, yoga, contemplation, a hobby, or other relaxation techniques? Ask yourself if you are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting enough positive social contact and nurturance?  How’s your sex life? Are you having regular, mutually satisfying sexual intimacy? Are you giving too much? Do you have good boundaries? Do you have good communication skills to be able to ask for what you want and say no to things you don’t want?

I’ve listed a few ideas. Keep searching for what will work best for you.

I want to recommend The Four Brothers DVD to help you start or increase your ability to understand the messages in nature that are answering the questions you have for your life. The more able you can understand subtle messages outside yourself, the more able you will be able to understand your own subtle messages from yourself to yourself. My good friends, Robert and Terri TallTree created this program based on Native American wisdom that they share with you through a conversation that they recorded. I hope you enjoy it.The Four Brothers DVD

To Your Highest Good,

Laura Meehan, MA

Integrative Counselor and Coach

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