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How is the Individuation Process Related to Self Esteem Activities?

April 30th, 2011

First of all, what is individuation? Individuation is a process of separation from the identities that others have told you about who you are.  These processes are a self esteem activities because the process increases your self worth and self esteem by claiming your uniqueness and your values.  The more you know yourself and your unique voice and qualities, the more able you are to know your strengths and your limits and  the better to navigate in your world. There are four different individuation processes in these self esteem activities: 1. The first individuation process usually occurs... Read More

Are You Trying To Hide Your Crabbiness? Nonverbal Communication

April 29th, 2011

Trying to hide your feelings is very difficult. The truth is, we  are always expressing  through Nonverbal communication. Some people can read nonverbal communication more easily than others. Let’s talk about trying to hide our crabbiness, another word for crabbiness is irritability. You may not be feeling satisfied or you may want things to be different. Nonverbal communication of impatience and irritability can be shown in many ways: –Tapping fingers or objects -Tapping your foot –A huff or a sigh –Rolling your eyes up –Looking at your watch or the clock -Your... Read More

Why Do People Lie? The Importance of Communication

April 21st, 2011

We’ve all lied at sometime.  We’ve all been lied to. We even lie to ourselves?  We believe in being honest, so…why do people lie?  The importance of communication can shed some light on this situation.  As teenagers, we probably have all lied to our parents at some point.  We lie to get our own way, but behind that is that we didn’t want to get a no or have our parents angry or upset with us.  As adults, we may lie to our personal and primary relationships. We lie in two ways: 1.  We lie to ourselves about ourselves.  We deny aspects or parts of ourselves because... Read More

What is Codependency?

January 29th, 2011

Dear One, What is codependency?  Well…It can have different descriptions. Do you ever feel that you get lost in a crowd? When someone asks you what you think, you don’t know what you think? Do you easily pick up other people’s feelings and not know what you feel? Are you a really good listener but no one asks you what you think? Do  you always offer to help and  have difficulty accepting help from others? These are some signs of codependency. One simple technique to help create boundaries for yourself: 1. Imagine a bubble around yourself. 2. This bubble lets what you do want... Read More