Reflection in a soap bubble.

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Dear One,

What is codependency?  Well…It can have different descriptions.

Do you ever feel that you get lost in a crowd?

When someone asks you what you think, you don’t know what you think?

Do you easily pick up other people’s feelings and not know what you feel?

Are you a really good listener but no one asks you what you think?

Do  you always offer to help and  have difficulty accepting help from others?

These are some signs of codependency.

One simple technique to help create boundaries for yourself:

1. Imagine a bubble around yourself.

2. This bubble lets what you do want in, in and reflects everything else off it like a mirror.

3.Use this whenever you feel loss or when you are around  negativity.

I hope this works well for you.

Love and Blessings,

Laura Meehan

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