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What is Codependency?

January 29th, 2011

Dear One, What is codependency?  Well…It can have different descriptions. Do you ever feel that you get lost in a crowd? When someone asks you what you think, you don’t know what you think? Do you easily pick up other people’s feelings and not know what you feel? Are you a really good listener but no one asks you what you think? Do  you always offer to help and  have difficulty accepting help from others? These are some signs of codependency. One simple technique to help create boundaries for yourself: 1. Imagine a bubble around yourself. 2. This bubble lets what you do want... Read More

How Are Anger Management Techniques Related to Signs of Depression? Part 1

January 28th, 2011

Hello Dear One, One of the common signs of depression is anger. Melissa usually calls it irritability. She is cranky all the time. She gets angry easily, over little things and latter wonders why she got so angry in the first place. Every little thing seems to bother her and she is quick to anger. She may slam doors or cabinets, she may swear more and she lacks patience. She sees everything in a negative light. She is critical and judgmental. THE FIRST THING TO UNDERSTAND, IS TO UNDERSTAND ANGER ITSELF. Anger is not good or bad. What is important is what you do with it. The bad part of anger... Read More

What is Codependency?

January 28th, 2011

Do yo find yourself always focusing on others and no one seems to listen to you? Have you ever been in a room and not find yourself? Or Do you find that when someone asks you what you think…. and you don’t know? Do you notice you pick up on feelings of others? These are a few signs of codependency to answer the question of what is codependency. So what can you do about this? One strategy to do is: 1. Focus on yourself and define you boundary. 2.Imagine a bubble around yourself. I like to imagine that it is like a bubble  that is like” mirror sunglasses” , You can see out... Read More

Inspirational Quote

January 28th, 2011

” You, the richest person in the world, have been laboring and struggling endlessly, not understanding that you already possess all that you seek.” THE LOTUS SUTRA Be sure to sign up for the 21 day challenge to the I am  a Gift to the World. Be well, Laura Meehan  Read More

Welcome to Allow Your Light to Shine!

March 9th, 2010

Hello! This is my first blog posting. What I plan to write about is more information on “The One Command” (TOC) processes and to share success stories. I am also interested in healing techniques so I plan to share what I know and new methods that I recently learned about. I am particularly interested in healing our negative thinking and limited beliefs because they affect our health, our relationships and our quality of life. I am also interested in the Law of Attraction and manifesting our desires and living our dream life by becoming our own Master. I also like to write about happiness... Read More